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10th Healing Retreat & Top 10 Things We’ve Learned

Slide 6Hard to believe it was 5 years ago this November that we launched our inaugural healing retreat offering for the men of the Church! This month, we will host our tenth healing retreat for men.  Over 200 men have experienced God’s healing hand and touch on these amazing retreat weekends.

Will you be the next one to experience such?  Why are you waiting to register?  Just click here and be done with it!

Here are the top 10 things we have learned about men in the past 5 years doing the Samson Healing Retreats:

  1. Men don’t easily admit they need healing;
  2. The “father wound” is the most common wound among men;
  3. Forgiveness of self is harder for men than forgiveness of others;
  4. Men would rather ignore the pain in their life than deal with it directly;
  5. Men bond with other men when they listen to their story;
  6. Men connect with their own pain when they hear their own story in another man’s journey;
  7. Men can experience great healing when they share their own story with another man or men;
  8. Men do cry and not surprisingly it is very healing;
  9. Men can be victims of abuse as adults;
  10. Men who struggle with same sex attraction greatly need and appreciate the Samson Healing Retreat.

These realities are true whether you believe them or not.  Come to Samson and see for yourself the power of Christ’s love!

In Christ’s healing love,

Mark Houck