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An Open Letter from Jesus to Men During Lent

Face of ChristDear Brother,

It has indeed been awhile since we last connected.  I know you have many distractions right now and the mere thought of taking time away from all that is demanded of you would sound completely unrealistic. Despite that, I have been praying for you and especially for your strength.  I say this because I know the world and Satan will  be trying to pull you away from all that I desire for you during the coming days and weeks leading up to Easter.  This is a very special time for my family to reflect on my love for them.  My Church has established wonderful opportunities to enter into the meaning of my journey to Jerusalem two thousand years ago.  The Lenten journey you are traveling is  not just another 40 days of required acts of penance and prayer in the midst of your life as a Christian, but another invitation to enter into my love for you.  It is another chance to realize my desire to truly be in relationship with you right now. My act of love, my Passion, was for you.  I had your journey in mind as I traveled the Way of the Cross.  Do you believe that?  Can you accept the fact that my journey to Calvary was made so that you could experience my great love in your present journey as a man?  If you only knew how much I desire to walk with you today and to allow you to walk with me through my earthly experiences during this time of Lent, then your life and its meaning would radically change from its present motivation.  The demands of your work, your family and your friends would no longer serve as a means to extend your personal limitations and abilities, but a means to unite our journeys together.  Did you know that I had an earthly family?  And that I had many friends and associations with many types of people?   I  had many obligations and expectations placed on me both as a young boy growing up and as a man of the Jewish Law.  I had many people who demanded much of my personal time and attention.  I had many people who did not like me.  There were many who misunderstood me and sought to discredit me, even to the point of plotting my death.  Did you know that I desired to have special time with certain close friends and family members during my earthly journey?  And do you know what enabled me to fulfill all that was asked of me during my earthly journey?  It was the love of my Father that sustained me throughout every part of my journey.  It is the same love that I am extending to you this Lent.  Will you travel with me once again?  But this time, will you allow me to enter into your busy world? Will you grant me permission to work in your life?  Will you unite all the demands of your life to mine?  Please consider what I am asking of you dear brother.  I desire to share my Divine Life with you.  I warn you though, you will never be the same.  Your life will forever change.  Our life will become one journey and your fate will be the same as mine.  Together, we will spend eternity and the glory of heaven will be ours to share.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Your dear brother,