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Healing Miracles in our Midst

Eight years ago yesterday, The King’s Men set out with a full-time mission to address the crisis in masculinity.  At that time, we didn’t know what we were stepping into program wise, but we knew God was calling us to offer the Church a response to this crisis.  Thanks be to God we did! TKM logo

Since that time, I have learned much about the Catholic Christian man.  Here’s what I have learned about him: he is a very broken and wounded man with many hurts and pains from his past and present life situation.  He is in desperate need of authentic brotherhood and mentoring.  Despite all of his struggles, he has much to offer others.  He has many gifts, talents and skills that easily equip him for the restoration of his own identity as a man and enable him to support the transformation of other men seeking the same.

With our Samson Healing Retreat offering, TKM has seen first hand what God can do with men who have a willing heart to receive His grace and make changes in their lives.  It is not easy for a man to realize he needs healing and help in his journey.  It takes great humility and courage to admit that his choices and decisions have led to most of his current struggles.   True, a lot of men have been dealt a tough hand when it comes to their upbringing and that can be a tremendous setback in the development of their masculine identity.  But eventually, whether a man has had a great childhood with a loving father or a poor experience growing up, every man must decide for himself how he is going to live his adult life.   Do I continue to teach my children what my father taught me (good or bad) or am I going to break the cycle and potentially bring  major inter-generation healing to my family?  I have seen many men bring such healing to their family since we launched our Into the Wild retreat programs back in 2009 and most especially, since the inception of the Samson Healing Retreat program back in 2012.  Into the Wild logo

Change is possible for all men.  Forgiveness is available for all men.  Healing is accessible for all men.  But the question remains.  How does a man begin to recognize that he needs change, forgiveness and healing in his life?  Serious self reflection is key, but the loving encouragement of a spouse, family member, friend or colleague might just be a starting point.  Men need to be respectfully and firmly challenged to examine themselves in a deeper context beyond the results they achieve at work or in the success of their children as students and athletes.  Perhaps, it is you reading this now who are the tool that God will use to reach out to a man in need.  Perhaps, it is your words about the transformation happening in your life that will profoundly encourage another men to reflect on such matters themselves.  Whatever the means God uses to bring about healing to His men, there is great reason for hope here at The King’s Men apostolate.  samson logo

To all those who have supported us and our mission these past 8 years, thank you!  We are so grateful for your partnership in this work and we pray that we may continue to be God’s unworthy instruments for as long He wills.

In Christ’s healing love,

Mark Houck