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Samson XI Recap

What a blessing this past retreat was for me and the men in attendance.  God continues to provide all the grace necessary to enable us to make these retreats so transformational in the lives of the retreat attendees.  Fr. Jim Hutchins was a huge blessing to all of us through his service as chaplain.  His humility and humor created a safe and comfortable space for all the men to open their hearts to the voice of God.  A chaplain like Fr. Jim is rare.  Fr. Jim entered into the weekend for his own healing so we all felt like we were on a journey together.  His challenges, trials, failures, joys and successes as a priest touched us all and was the perfect witness for the retreat weekend.

Here’s what we learned from the weekend:

1.) Mark Ryan is a terrific chef!!

2.) The grounds at the Discovery House are evolving into something truly glorious for God. 

3.) The Holy Spirit always knows what is needed and when.  It never fails that our station assignments seem to always be so fitting for the men tasked with their construction.  This Samson was no different.  One of our leaders, who was assigned station #4: “Jesus meets his mother,” had a sense that his mother was going to pass away.  One week after the retreat his mother passed away.   We pray for our Samson brother and for comfort for his family.  We give thanks that our Heavenly Mother,  Mary, was there for him, but in a special way came to him on our weekend together.

4.) The stories of the men are always so complementary.  Two doctors attended the weekend and had so much in common.  Not only professionally, but their lives appeared to be converging on our weekend when both are discerning their next major moves in life.  We cannot plan these stories and occurrences.  There is no coincidence with God.  One of these doctors I was vigorously pursuing to attend our July Samson, but God said no, not now.

I am amazed at how good God is to us humble servants on the Samson leader team.  I can’t wait for our next healing retreat Palm Sunday weekend April 6-9, 2017.  Won’t you please consider joining us?

In Christ’s healing love,

Mark Houck