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Samson XV – Milestone, Anticipated Sell Out & Hope for Scandal Victims!

adirondack ITWOn November 8th, the 15th Samson Healing Retreat will be held in Hammonton, NJ.  We are excited about the potential for this next retreat.  We have men traveling in from California, Oklahoma and Maine as of now.  This retreat has literally changed the course of men’s lives and with the most recent scandal news in the Church, I believe this program could be very instrumental in the healing of so many victims and those who perpetrated such crimes.  I say that with all humility.  If it be God’s Holy Will, we will strive to make the Samson Retreat reach as far into the Church as He desires.  We are but humble servants who have developed a program that enables men to experience God’s healing love in the midst of their tremendous pain and suffering.  It is a gentle yet powerful way to advance in the journey towards freedom from vice, addiction, depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress, and the overall effects of habitual sin in a man’s life.

Will you join us for healing in November? 

Do you know someone that could benefit from this offering? 

Perhaps consider gifting this retreat to someone you love and care about. 

The Church has long been suffering from a failure to properly form men.  Many have turned to the Church for help with this formation and received further emasculation, feminization and abuse from inside the seminary walls and from the men who were placed in their charge.  The  Church has been wounded by over 70 years of ordained men with same sex attraction disorder.  Some, no doubt, deliberately entered to infect the Church as part of the pro-gay agenda and those who saw the Church as a threat.

Still, there were other men in our Church pastoring lay faithful with raging addiction issues, especially pornography.  Some of these men had pathologies and illnesses that would qualify them by definition as pedophiles.  The great tragedy of this all, of course, is the thousands upon thousands of innocent victims and children who suffered as a result of this failure to live out authentic masculinity–to lead, protect and provide!

The Samson Healing Retreat is here to help these victims!  The good news, the Samson program can also help the perpetrators if they so desire and the opportunity presents itself.  God’s grace is available to all those who are seeking it.

Please share the good news of the Samson Retreat with men in your life who have long been suffering from these crimes.  Please encourage them to seek healing and speak out if they haven’t done so about their perpetrators.  We must rid our Church of these men and get them help!  They are not fit to serve other men.  Why?  Because you cannot give what you do not have!

How can a priest who is chronically, and I stress the word chronically, struggling with vice or addiction be able to properly serve the people of God?

I am not saying he cannot serve God, but properly serve His people–I have to call such into question.  That man needs serious help!  I am not saying priests cannot be without sin.  That heresy has long been squashed by Saint Augustine 1600 years ago.   However, we must ask these questions and others like them:

How can an ordained clergyman who is living an active gay lifestyle privately or publicly be of service to God’s people? 

The fact is, he cannot assume the magnitude of such an office when he is living a double life.  He does not have the capacity to lead others to holiness when he, himself, is not committed to such.  That man is extremely wounded and requires major intervention and much therapy.

A priest who struggles with porn addiction, needs to take time away, perhaps indefinitely, from his office to get serious help. 

The priests that I know often tell me that seminary life does not do a great job of preparing a priest for the loneliness of parish life.  No wonder many priests are struggling with vice and sins of the flesh.  They have no authentic brotherhood to support them.  They have no one to hold them accountable!

Perhaps living in community would be a help to these priests!

Saint Augustine would not take the office of bishop unless he was allowed to live in community.  There is wisdom in that plan.  Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs.  Why do we leave our priests on islands at parish rectories throughout the country?  I know there are not enough priests, I get it.  But is the risk worth taking?  I don’t think it is.  Ask the victims of the scandal, if that risk was worth taking.

Despite these problems, the Church does need to focus on healing, reparation and restoration.  I know there are many bishops calling on the  clergy and lay faithful to fast, pray and makes acts of reparation.  Yes, this is important.  But equally, if not more important, the Church must focus on building back trust.  In order to gain that trust, the Church needs to do everything, I mean everything in its power, to rid the Church of these malformed, homosexual and deviant men.  Once that is done, rebuilding can begin.  In the meantime, we must not wait to extend healing opportunities and programs for these victims.  We cannot wait till the Church is 100% cleansed of its 70 year problem to offer God’s healing to these thousands of victims.  Henceforth, the Samson Healing Retreat program will be seeking opportunities within dioceses around the country to help its victims.  If you would like to bring the Samson program to your diocese please contact me at

November 8-11, is the first official outreach for the victims of this latest scandal report.  Please prayerfully share with those who have the ability to get these victims help.

May God’s will be done through this program and help many to heal.

In Christ’s healing love,

Mark J. Houck