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Time for Healing… Christ is Waiting

Christ Jesus never forces His great desire to bring healing into our lives.  He waits patiently for each of us to realize that we need help.  All too often, our Redeemer is the last resort for those of us who devour self-help books, attend conferences and workshops which promise to deliver us from our present pain and find peace and happiness.  I believe that therapy and all the well-intentioned programs that exist to help people find peace and wholeness after a traumatic event or experience are only able to get them so far in their healing journeys.  It is Christ who completes this work in us.  He brings the ultimate freedom and restores our peace and brings us joy beyond our wildest imaginations.

Do you believe that?

I think most people don’t believe it.  The world tells them the exact opposite.  The messages they hear everyday  drowns out their Sunday Gospel or scripture.  Their ears are tuned to another frequency. Thank God for EWTN and Catholic radio that sometimes breaks through the mindless sports radio, the often uncharitable rhetoric of political talk radio and the godless noise of secular music and shock jock Howard Stern type programming.  There are too many people making tons of money who espouse a life so contrary to the life Christ calls us to.  Their lifestyles and belief systems, such as Oprah Winfrey’s, are easily embraced because of their celebrity status and popularity.  Its no wonder that the voice of God is muffled or completely misunderstood.  We need to have the courage to turn off the noise and sit in silence in our cars, homes and workplaces.

What will happen if you do this?

The still small voice of God will eventually speak to you.  Do you long to know what He desires for you?  Do you wish to know why things have happened the way they have in your life?  Do you desire to to be touched by His love in a way that will lift your mind, body and spirit amidst the awful news you just received?

I hope you will take up this challenge because your healing truly awaits you.  Brother, you have been suffering too long.  Christ wants to bring peace to you right here and right now.

Perhaps there is a man reading this now who would really like to dive deep into the ocean of God’s love and experience all that He desires to give him.  If so, I invite that man to consider attending our next Samson healing retreat April 6-9 in NJ.  This will be an experience like no other.  Healing will be offered to all who seek it.  Christ will be waiting for you…how exciting!

In Christ’s healing love,

Mark Houck